Housing and support for Ex-Offenders

Oxygen Gateway is a housing and support service that assists male offenders into independent living arrangements following release from custody. Clients can stay at the property for a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks. The service is available to low to medium risk offenders. Oxygen Gateway is a 24 month pilot project.

The project has been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Criminal Justice Innovation Fund and Druglink are working in collaboration with BeNCH CRC and HACRO.


Each client at Oxygen Gateway has a dedicated experienced criminal justice support worker who works with them to build a tailored support plan based on their individual need. Support plans include an agreed weekly structure that incorporates appropriate groups, training, education and employment opportunities. Druglink work closely with local support providers, including; CGL, JobCentre Plus, GP’s, Dentists and Housing services. Clients also have access to Oxygen’s in-house counselling service ‘Breathe’ should they need it. The service is for single clients only and no visitors are permitted or allowed to stay at the property.

At the end of their stay at Oxygen Gateway, Support Workers will help clients with their return to their HCC/ Local Authority property, back to their own home or family home, or into the private rented sector (PRS).


Contact Oxygen gateway

T: 07719 513 147
E: zareenamody@druglink.ltd.uk

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