How your support is making a difference

We’re aiming to tackle alcohol and other drugs in the local community and we couldn’t do this without the support of our volunteers, donors and supporters. Here is how your help is making a difference…


In the last six months we have delivered free alcohol and other drugs awareness sessions to more than 500 local school students.

Educating young people to make sensible decisions

Our Schools Awareness Programme enables us to educate students, teachers and parents on substances and their effects. Because of donations and support we’ve started to visit local schools to drive education and knowledge, to help young people make sensible decisions and to prevent possible issues with substances in the future. We are currently looking to expand the programme into a Young People’s Education Scheme across Hertfordshire, which would mean we could do even more. We are asking for support and funding In order to develop the scheme.

Secondary school children in England are now more likely to have tried drugs than cigarettes, according to NHS Digital's 2016 survey*. The survey found that 24% of 11-15 year-old's had tried recreational drugs at least once in their lives, a 9% rise on the 2014 survey. The survey also found 15% of 11 year-old's have consumed alcohol, and 73% of those aged 15.

* NHS Digital 2016 Survey 'Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people'

Reducing low level crime and preventing re-offending

With your support we are able to work with Police Forces to prevent re-offending and reduce low level crimes related to substance use. We do this by providing Diversion Courses.

In the last three years more than 2,500 people have attended a course.

* Feedback from attendees across the UK in the past year April 18 - March 19.


75% of attendees said the course will lead to a reduction in their alcohol/ cannabis/ drugs use.*

Working with volunteers to help them build confidence and skills to gain employment

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