Druglink are a substance misuse charity. Our objective is to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by substance misuse, their families & communities. We achieve this through our Pathway of Prevention, Recovery & Reintegration.

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Druglink is a registered charity that was set up in 1984 to meet the increasing need to support people affected by substance misuse, both alcohol and other drugs. We are based in Hertfordshire, but offer support across the UK. 

We don't just offer a short-term rehabilitation plan, we focus on the reintegration of our clients into their local communities, making us a unique treatment organisation. We strive to give people with substance misuse problems the chance to build a better future.  

We want to help build awareness around substance addiction in order to increase understanding in local communities. An increase in public awareness will help us grow our service and reduce problems related to drug and alcohol misuse within the community.

We provide a range of integrated services that drive our Pathway, all aimed at meeting our objective. Our core services include Druglink Prevention, Oxygen Recovery and Coffee Ethic. We have recently launched Oxygen Breathe - an affordable counselling service offering help to adults in Hertfordshire. Regardless of how big of small a problem feels, for people struggling with mental health, Oxygen Breathe can help.



We recognise the importance of education around substance use, and aim to help people develop the skills and knowledge to make their own informed decisions. Druglink Prevention delivers this education in a number ways: Our Schools Awareness programme helps us educate students, teachers and parents on substances and their effects. Our Training Programmes enables us to work with businesses or individuals, informing people why different substances are used and their effects and impacts. We offer training around Stress and how to manage it. We also facilitate a Diversion Scheme in partnership with UK Police Forces. 


For those who have been affected by substance use - whether their own, or from friends or family - we offer
a number of services aimed at easing and supporting recovery. Oxygen Recovery is our drug and alcohol rehabilitation service. It is a four step pathway that is integrative and holistic. At Oxygen Recovery we are able to offer up to two years of supported accommodation. 

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Our long-term goal is to help our clients achieve successful recovery and re-integration into a normal life. Once in recovery it’s essential for people to develop the skills and confidence needed to enable them to re-enter society. We work with a number of agencies and local businesses to provide our service users with a pathway for volunteering to paid work. We also run our own social enterprise, Coffee Ethic, which we set up in order to offer work experience and drive the path to reintegration. Originally created to help people in recovery, we now welcome anyone who needs our help - people living with illness, disability or addiction, or those simply looking for an opportunity. 


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Latest News

17 july 2019

More than 30 Britvic employees volunteered for for Druglink for the day to help develop their client support facilities. The volunteer day saw a team from Britvic’s Marketing & Innovation department redecorating the communal spaces at Oxygen Recovery to create an even warmer, more welcoming environment for clients to help aid in their recovery from substance misuse. A second team of Britvic volunteers worked to create an outdoor therapy space at Druglink’s head office. Read More.

12 july 2019

Druglink has today launched a new counselling service to serve the local community. Oxygen Breathe has been set up through funding from The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and Dacorum Borough Council to grow the counselling and related services we can offer. Read more.

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25 January 2019

Local MP Sir Mike Penning visited Druglink to see the work that is being carried out to treat people with substance misuse issues. Speaking to residents he heard the importance of educating people, especially from a young age, to understand the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. Mr Penning is keen to work closely with Druglink to drive education.


23 november 2018

Druglink have won ‘The Most Innovative Care Team’ award at the Hertfordshire Care awards 2018! The Awards celebrate Hertfordshire’s best in care, recognising the incredible people delivering the best care every day. Find out more on our News page.

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