We partner with Police Forces across the UK to prevent reoffending and reduce low level crimes related to substance use. Our partner Forces refer offenders onto a Diversion course - attendance on the course will result in cancellation of a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) or compliance with the terms of a conditional caution, community resolution or red card.


Our Drug and Alcohol Diversion courses are three hour educational courses. Our objectives are to drive education to prevent reoffending. By the end of each course attendees will:

  • Understand more about drugs/ alcohol and the effects of usage

  • Know the physical and psychological harms

  • Be aware of the stages of addiction

  • Understand the link between alcohol/ drugs and violence

  • Be aware of the laws and implications of a criminal record

  • Understand the costs/ impact of substance misuse to society


Contact the Diversion Team

T: 01923 271 783
E: diversion@druglink.ltd.uk


Courses will be within your local area, held in a community venue which will be both accessible and appropriate. Courses are primarily held at weekends.

All our trainers have a background in training or the criminal justice system. They understand their subject and can engage offenders effectively to get the best from the course. All our courses are evaluated by attendees and trainers are assessed by Druglink’s accreditation team.

Quality Standards
Druglink’s Diversion scheme has attained ISO 9001.

Identity Checks
We undertake checks on the day to ensure the identity of those attending.