Helping people believe in their ability to succeed by driving opportunity

As reintegration is so vital for wellbeing and relapse prevention, in 2011 we set up Coffee Ethic. Coffee Ethic offers people in recovery the opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence, through a volunteering programme of training and personal development. This helps lead them down the path of reintegration back into work and society, helping them believe in their ability to succeed.

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Coffee Ethic runs a coffee cart based in the Civic Centre in St Albans. We are passionate about providing customers with high quality drinks and our volunteers with great training and opportunities. We work with statutory agencies, voluntary groups and social enterprises with an aim to make a real difference to people’s lives. 

We are open at St Albans Civic Centre from 8am Monday to Friday and serve freshly roasted coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, pastries and other light snacks. We run a loyalty scheme so don’t forget to ask for your card when you get your first cup!

We want our volunteers to fulfill their potential and we work together to overcome the effects of addiction, including fear, exclusion, insecurity and loneliness. We also want to increase understanding and awareness around recovery within local communities by highlighting the benefits of our reintegration programme.

Contact Coffee Ethic

T: 01923 260 733

Grow confidence, gain experience.

Coffee Ethic was created to help people in recovery gain work experience, enabling them to grow in confidence and learn essential skills to help with reintergration to paid employment.

We know that it is not only people going through recovery who would benefit from this experience. We welcome volunteers who need our help - vulnerable adults - those living with illness, disability, mental health difficulties or other challenges.

If you, or somebody you know would benefit from volunteering for Coffee Ethic, please get in touch