One-to-one mentor support 

The Big Lottery Fund and ESF have granted Hertfordshire County Council £5.5 million to help boost skills for residents. In partnership with Hertfordshire County Council and charities across the county, Druglink is taking part in the STRIVE Project, which provides one-to-one mentor support for those with drug and/or alcohol issues as well as offering a range of courses. 

As part of the STRIVE Project, participants will receive support from a STRIVE mentor, who will give individual advice and guidance for those who are working towards volunteering and who face difficulties with employment. Druglink’s learning mentor puts together personalised plans that helps people move towards their goals at their own pace, offering one-to-one support to allow people to achieve their full potential.

STRIVE is part of the Building Better Opportunities project, which is led by Hertfordshire County Council and has 20 voluntary and community sector partners from across the county. It aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and unemployment, such as physical and mental health issues, homelessness, addiction and much more.

“My daughter has been supported by Ali for the last 10 months having suffered from depression and anxiety for 5 years. The work that he has put in with her and taking her to ASCEND has hugely benefited her. The support she has been receiving over the last 10 months has given her the confidence to leave the house and attend the weekly meetings at ASCEND where she has the chance to interact with her peers, something which she has been unable to do for 5 years. Without this continued support she would revert to the introvert and demotivated person she had become. Thank you all for supporting her and I sincerely hope this continues.”

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