Hertfordshire's wellbeing college

New Leaf College (Hertfordshire’s Wellbeing College) provides a range of courses and workshops to enable you to take better control of your wellbeing and learn some practical skills. We provide an opportunity for reflection on your own situation and how you can build on your strengths to achieve better wellbeing. All the courses and workshops are provided in line with the following principles:

Hope: instilling hope for the future despite life’s challenges.
Opportunity: hearing experiences of others to help you learn and be inspired.
Control: equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make the changes that are right for you.

The courses are free of charge and available to anyone aged over 18 living in Hertfordshire. They are offered from various campuses across the county.


For more information or to book a place on one of our courses:

T: 01442 864 966
E: info@newleafcollege.co.uk
W: newleafcollege.co.uk