Clarendon Link

Clarendon Link is one of Druglink’s Drop in Projects.  The Clarendon Link project provides a service for anyone over the age of 18 who is concerned about their own or someone else’s substance use.  The free and confidential services provided aim to help clients to identify what their issues are and to gain assistance in either resolving or managing situations.  The Clarendon Link project also support individuals who are concerned about a family member or loved one.


The Clarendon Link service is commissioned by the Luton Drug and Alcohol Partnership (LDAP) which is part of Luton Borough Council.  The service is delivered by Druglink who work very closely with other agencies commissioned by LDAP to ensure that clients receive the service they require.


The service operates in a way that encourages service users to take responsibility for their substance use and provides ‘harm reduction’ advice that will hopefully keep them safe.


Clarendon Link operates a daily drop-in service that provides a basic meal and washing facilities.  The drop-in also gives service users an opportunity to sort out their affairs on-line or using the phone, in a supportive environment.


The service has been operational in Luton for approximately twenty-five years and has established a reputation for being a safe haven for people affected by substances.


Drop-In is open Mon-Fri from 12 till 3pm.

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