Diversion Schemes

Diversion Schemes have been developed to increase peoples understanding of low-level offending related to a substance or type of behaviour.


Educating, Informing & Empowering
Recognising the significant problems associated with binge drinking, substance misuse and offending, which every town and city encounters throughout the United Kingdom, the Diversion Schemes address the nature of their offending before it escalates and individuals concerned find themselves involved in the Criminal Justice System.


Binge drinking, together with offending whilst under the influence of alcohol, not only impacts on the individual concerned, but has far reaching effects on family, relationships, children and the wider community as a whole.


We educate and inform offenders to empower them to take responsibility and to make informed decisions about the future consequences associated with offending as this behaviour puts a huge strain on local Police Forces nationally, together with the National Health Service.

Alcohol Abuse

This scheme was introduced in Hertfordshire in 2007 in response to the Government’s Alcohol Harm Reduction strategy which identified 5.8 million binge drinkers with no effective intervention. In the revised strategy published in 2012 the number of binge drinkers has increased to 12 million.


Repeated evaluations have evidenced that education has changed behaviour and reduced alcohol consumption in attendees.

Cannabis Abuse

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug after alcohol in the UK and is the most common drug young people seek help for, however adult drug treatment focuses primarily on Class A drugs such as Heroin and Cocaine. The scheme provides a meaningful first point of contact for many cannabis users and its first year evaluation reported many participants stopped all cannabis use after attending the course.

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